Why Rebalancing

For whom?
Rebalancing not only touches the body, but also the person who lives in that body. If you go to a Rebalancer, you are prepared to investigate what your body has to say.

In our daily lives the emphasis is on thinking and on knowledge. Often we live in our heads and we are alienated from our bodies. As a result, we are no longer aware of what we feel. We are not in contact with our experiences, memories, emotions and insights, but we repress them. This can cause tensions and cramps in your body and can lead to (physical) complaints such as:

  • headache, back pain, neck pain, etc.
  • fatigue, stress and burnout
  • insecurity and fear of failure
  • insomnia and restlessness
  • feeling stuck in your work-situation or in relationships
  • vague (physical) complaints
  • difficulties processing feelings of pain, sadness and loss
  • feelings of despair and not having answers

Perhaps you are looking for the deeper meaning of who you are? Rebalancing can offer you many answers.

What does it give you?
Rebalancing brings you more in balance. The relaxation you experience gives a feeling of peace and expansion and will bring you more contact with yourself. You learn to rely on your own strength and to listen to your body. Feeling more self-confident it becomes easier to make real contact with others and to deal with difficult emotions, questions and situations. You will be able to make conscious and creative choices from your own authentic source.